The Goldinch Story. Flying and its Medical Care on Aircraft


Goldfinch has been providing medical care on aircraft for patients since 1999.


Initial growth of the company began with the provision of Air Ambulances to the Channel Islands. Patients were flown to the mainland for routine and emergency medical investigations, surgery and specialist care that was not available on the Island. At that time there wasn't even a CAT scanner in Jersey.

Goldfinch also regularly assisted in the transfer of critically ill and injured patients to the UK Mainland for specialist intensive care and emergency treatments unavailable on the Islands. This often involved flights in the middle of the night. Usually for severe head injuries to Southampton and heart attacks to St. George's Hospital in London.

All arrangements were made to provide a smooth and safe transition for bed-to-bed. Sometimes for relatives as well as the patients. Road ambulance transfers at the beginning and end of each flight, medical escorts and equipment on-board and of course admission arrangements at the destination hospital. Developing from an air ambulance company, Goldfinch diversified to assist patients travelling by other means. It has since evolved to provide specific expertise escorting patients around the world on commercial aircraft.
It still provides all the essential elements required for a patient transfer, but also liaison with overseas doctors to ensure that the correct care is available and the timing is right.

Each year Goldfinch now flies hundreds of patients around the world.
 It insists on providing timely, safe and comfortable flights. Getting the balance right between the quality of care and cost has earned Goldfinch considerable respect and a positive reputation, not only in the UK travel assistance industry, but around the world.

The company ethos of never compromising on patient care has resulted in an unblemished history of successful patient transfers.

Meet Our Team

Ailsa White

Operations Manager

Samantha Lamch