Company Founder


Dr Mike Finch

Company Founder

Dr Finch trained in Anaesthesia and Accident and Emergency Medicine. A personal interest in aviation led him to develop an enduring interest in caring for patients in the air.


An Intensive Care post in Cornwall exposed him to many seriously ill patients. Some treatments were unavailable in the Channel Islands and hence patients were flown from the Islands to the Mainland by Cornwall's helicopter air ambulance, First Air. This was the first charitable helicopter service to be established in the UK.


As an Intensive Care doctor he accompanied many of the sickest patients during these flights. Additionally, he undertook emergency retrievals such as road accidents and near-drownings.


Dr Finch was therefore involved at a very early stage in the development of the UK's network of helicopter charities that we have today.


The challenge of caring for patients over longer distances became a personal goal.


Opportunities to undertake this type of medicine lay in the travel insurance market, so that is where he continued his career.


Using his experience he cared for the critically ill during their repatriation to the UK by air ambulances and for the less seriously ill on commercial flights.


Within a year he became Chief Medical Officer for a large UK Medical Assistance Company, which became Green Flag in 1996. He continued in that position for five years.


As well as gaining practical experience Mike developed his insight and understanding of the world of medical assistance. His medical input was essential to monitor clinical progress, consult with overseas medical staff and advise treatment plans for travellers who had become ill in all corners of the world.


He helped in the complex management of patient progress, advising when to cease treatment overseas and co-ordinate the provision of a safe flight home.


Crucially, he learned the importance of balancing the quality of medical care versus costs. Getting that balance right has always been a strength that has been recognised by his peers.


Mike continued as Chief Medical Officer until 1999 when Green Flag withdrew from the medical assistance market.


As a management buyout, Dr Finch single-handedly set up Goldfinch with a vision to develop a company focussed upon enabling those with medical conditions to fly. He has brought a fresh approach to resolving the problems faced when doing so.


More than that, striving to be an asset to those responsible for costs, he has developed systems to provide financial efficiencies that have absolutely no impact upon medical care or the patient experience.


Recognised by those in the travel, insurance and airline industries, his expertise has earned Goldfinch a positive reputation both in the UK and around the world.