Goldfinch Medical Staff

Goldfinch only uses highly qualified medical staff with additional experience and appropriate training in providing medical care in the air.


The aviation environment presents many unique challenges. Working unsupervised often in difficult environments with limited resources requires special skills, in addition to essential personal attributes. Confidence, resourcefulness, empathy and an ability to problem-solve are all mandatory.


Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics are tasked in accordance with the specific medical needs of each patient. Sometimes only a combination of health professionals can provide the medical care and comfort required.


The role of our escorts extends far beyond the provision of medical care during flight. Their responsibilities are to provide reassurance concerning fitness to fly and to manage the vagaries of air travel,


Our medical staff are never alone during a patient transfer. Throughout the journey they are constantly supported and in touch with our Operations Centre for logistic and medical support. Open communication, feedback and teamwork are the recipe for a successful journey for our patients.


Our escorts are the face of Goldfinch and the face of our clients.