Empty Leg Flights on Commercial Aircraft

Many air ambulance companies offer "empty leg" flights when they are positioning their aircraft without a patient on board.


Usually this arises after a patient has arrived at destination and the aircraft is about to fly back to its point of origin.


The operators are keen to earn revenue during that flight so it will offer to transfer a patient at a considerably reduced price.


It is difficult for those aircraft to find such patients, hence many opportunities are lost.


For the past 5 years, Goldfinch has been offering empty legs on commercial flights to assistance companies around the world.


The goal is to utilise the services of medical escorts when they are travelling without a patient in their care.


We will always ensure that the escort has adequate rest time prior to undertaking a second patient transfer.


Co-operation of multiple assistance companies on this level offers the ability for those companies to save thousands of pounds, sharing expensive patient transfer costs between each other.


There are of course many, many more opportunities to achieve these savings on commercial flights than on air ambulance flights.


With positive Business Partners, Goldfinch hopes to develop this service further to the advantage of more and more Organisations across the world.