Northern Medical Escorts

Goldfinch is unique insofar as it retains medical staff in the Manchester region in the North of England. Our escorts can fly from Northern airports and repatriate patients living in the North back into the region without requiring a multiple-sector itinerary.


If an escort departs from an airport in the South, a third positioning flight to the starting point is required after the patient is handed over in the North of England.


Additionally, a late return to the UK will result in the last shuttle back to the starting point in the South being missed.  The medical crew has to be accommodated overnight before flying South the following morning.


If the medical escort departs the UK from an airport in the North, this shuttle flight at the end of the repatriation is not required, the escort will simply require a road journey home. This will always save ticketing costs.


Avoiding this necessity saves money on hotels, subsistence and more significantly medical escort fees.


This solution is simpler, offers less risk of missing connecting flights in a delay and is of considerable benefit to the patient and to their expectation levels.