Outbound Repatriations



As well as repatriating patients back to the UK Goldfinch has many distant clients around the world for whom it provides a service flying its patients out of the UK and Europe.

This allows the repatriation to commence earlier than if an escort has to travel long haul, rest and then begin the repatriation. That may be 1 or 2 days after the overseas escort sets off.


By offering the opportunity for an earlier repatriation we provide benefits such as:

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Demonstrable savings in hospital costs
  • Minimising opportunities for patient deterioration before the repatriation
  • Reducing costs of an abandoned repatriation compared to long-haul retrieval


Using one of our escorts, on most occasions repatriation of the patient can commence the same day as departure from the UK. That means less hospitalisation time and reduced costs.


On several occasions each year our escorts have arrived at the bedside in a European country, only to find that the patient is unfit to fly. Aborting the repatriation was considerably cheaper than if our client had sent their own escort long-haul to discover the same situation.




UK Assessments


For cases in the UK we can visit the patient in hospital in order to make a medical assessment and advise our client on an appropriate plan of action. 


No matter how good the communications between an assistance company and the treating medical staff, there is no better way to gather information than at the bedside.


European Assessments


We can also make assessments of patients in European countries. Usually this will happen if it is proving difficult to obtain medical information from the local hospital.


The escort will visit the patient and provide detailed medical information, equipped to undertake the repatriation immediately if the patient proves fit to do so.