Do I Need an Air Ambulance? Not necessarily


Whilst many passengers with medical problems can fly on commercial flights, those who require a higher level of care, including the critically ill and injured, will probably require an Air Ambulance.
They provide a higher level of care, which essentially that to be found in any UK Intensive Care Unit. Specialisation and seniority of the medical crew as well as more sophisticated medical equipment take this care to a higher level.


Usually the crew will consist of an anaesthetist and an Intensive Care Nurse. Some patients will require assistance with their breathing during the flight and these are the specialists to provide that care.


It isn't just the flight that requires special arrangements.


Liaison with the treating doctors and nurses is crucial in deciding when such a patient is fit to fly and the care required. Sophisticated road ambulances are required at each end of the journey and there must not be delays at these crucial hand over stages. It has to be a smooth and seamless journey.


Goldfinch has the knowledge and experience to be able to advise who needs one in order to fly safely, and who does not.

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