Invalidated Insurance


Most travel insurers insist that they are made aware of any pre-existing medical conditions when the insurance is purchased. This allows them to decline to sell their insurance or charge a premium appropriate to the increased risk of a medical problem arising.


Failure to declare such an illness at the time of purchase can invalidate insurance so that all medical costs, and the cost of flying home, can fall to the patient.

On some occasions invalidation of an insurance policy is due to undertaking activities which the insurance policy does not allow for. Extreme sports or injury under the influence of alcohol, are common causes.


If illness strikes or accidents occur under circumstances such as these, travellers can find themselves in a dire situation.


Special assistance may be needed in order to fly home safely but without the support of an insurance company this can seem impossible to arrange.


Not only can we provide the assistance necessary, but we can advise about the best way to manage the situation helping to alleviate any stress or strain.