Travel for Treatment Overseas

More and more people are travelling abroad for medical treatment rather than having it in the UK.


There is a thriving industry selling overseas trips that combine surgery with an extended period of recuperation. They are essentially all-inclusive package holidays.

Specialist Treatments

Many patients will travel in and out of the UK for specialist treatments unavailable in their own countries.


They may require medical assistance to attend consultations, before treatment and during the recuperation period.

Waiting Lists

For some non-emergency surgical and dental treatments in the UK, the waiting lists for some treatments within the National Health System can be inordinately long.


Travel overseas to obtain earlier resolution of the medical problem is a tempting solution.

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgical and dental treatments that can only be obtained privately are often considerably cheaper when undertaken overseas.


Companies that provide overseas treatment packages usually sell appropriate travel insurance that will include medical repatriation in the event of post-surgical complications.


Individuals who make arrangements themselves can fall into the trap of purchasing insurance which does not allow for this eventuality.


These costs will fall to the patient and therefore they are effectively uninsured. Specialist medical care may be required in order to fly home quickly before considerable medical costs accrue.


Goldfinch can provide that care in order to get them home at the earliest opportunity.