Medical Escort Provision of Care in Commercial Aviation

Goldfinch is dedicated to providing the highest quality of medical care by an escort to patients flying on everyday commercial aircraft.


It is a misconception that most patients with significant illness require highly specialised Air Ambulances. This is simply not the case. An air ambulance is not necessary for most patients to fly.


Most patients are either in hospitals well-able to cater for their medical needs or indeed have already been discharged from hospital. Therefore they have recuperated to a greater or lesser degree. If it is medically safe, it is comfortable for the patient, all medical requirements can be catered for and if an airline is agreeable, then an air ambulance is simply overkill.


Our goal is to facilitate the ability of patients to fly on commercial aircraft safely and comfortably with a watchful eye on costs.


Goldfinch is the only independent commercial organisation in the UK which specialises wholly upon transferring patients on commercial aircraft.


Goldfinch is an organisation that can be depended on whatever the dilemma. A decision to use our services is a guarantee for top quality Aviation Medical Care.