Fitness to Fly

To ensure a safe flight, it is important to consider many issues. Crucially, the specific effects of flying upon passengers who are not completely fit and healthy.


It is important to have accurate information about the medical problem in hand plus any previous medical history. That may require gathering medical reports from treating doctors or family doctors back home.


You need to be aware that some medical professionals are not well-informed about the adverse effects of flying upon your illness and this could be catastrophic.


A recommendation to take a holiday is vastly different to fitness to fly.


Advice concerning fitness to fly must come from experts well-versed in aviation medicine and who have the ability to interpret medical reports in the correct context.


You may have these reports in your possession, but it is likely to require our resources to gather more information, usually by speaking to treating doctors overseas.


Language difficulties may present barriers to this, but our linguists are here to overcome that issue.


It is crucial to know what questions to ask and how to act upon the responses.