Medical Clearance

Determining that a patient is fit to fly and what special arrangements are needed is only the first stage in ensuring that a medical passenger may travel on a commercial aircraft.


It also requires permission from the airline's own medical staff.


The airline has an interest in ensuring its medical passengers can comply with aviation laws, manage themselves onboard without the assistance of cabin crew and not cause distress to other passengers.


They require reassurance that the medical problem will not delay the aircraft and that there is a very low risk of a medical emergency arising during the flight. The worse-case scenario for the airline is a costly unscheduled diversion to an airport en route.


If any of the above issues are of concern to the airline's medical staff, permission to fly will not be granted.


It is very important that the information given to them is accurate and not misleading. It requires experience and insight to provide answers to the questions they will inevitably ask. If it doesn't, delays in their decision are inevitable.


The airlines are not so concerned with your medical care, that is our job.


Goldfinch works with the airlines to achieve permission for you to fly.