Aircraft Seating

Economy Seats


Low-cost airline seats are usually cramped and uncomfortable, even for those who are fit and well. They can make it very difficult to administer care to medical passengers.


Sometimes it is better to have the extra room provided by a scheduled airline economy seat. However these only provide marginally more space and hence comfort.

Extra Seats


One extra economy seat can provide much greater comfort in most situations. It is often more economical than a single business class seat.


To ensure extra seats are available they must be purchased in advance. 


Two extra seats can allow for a leg to be elevated throughout a flight. This is often recommended by treating doctors and requires permission from the airline. 


Some airlines will provide leg elevation by folding forward a seat in the row in front.


Business Class Seats


Depending upon the airline business class seats can offer more room for added comfort and to allow medical care to be administered safely.


With many airlines the extra leg room is minimal.


Fully Reclining Bed Seats


Bed seats offer the greatest comfort and space for a passenger. They allow excellent all-round access to the passenger and allow the passenger to lie flat if they cannot sit for a prolonged period of time.


In many cases they can avoid the need for a stretcher.