Stretchers on Airliners


Many people are unaware that stretchers can be fitted into commercial aircraft unless they have actually seen one in use.


Fewer and fewer airlines are now offering this service, so it is becoming a rare sight.


Fitting a stretcher requires 3 rows of folded economy seats (9 seats) to provide enough space.


They are suitable for passengers that are unable to sit in an aircraft seat, even in business class. That is, those who need to lie flat.


They are not suitable for passengers that need the sophisticated care provided by an intensive care air ambulance, but are ideal for those that require relatively basic nursing care.


Using such stretchers always requires a nurse, or even 2 nurses, to care for the passenger.


The 9 seats must be paid for, but this is far cheaper than an air ambulance.


It is a complex service to organise, but Goldfinch does this regularly without difficulty.