Road Ambulances

Most of our road ambulance bookings are made as a part of the overall repatriation plan. Goldfinch does not operate ambulances.


Passengers requiring road ambulance transport require an ambulance to the airport of departure and another on arrival at the destination airport.


Those that are able to transit the airport by wheelchair will be dropped off at the Departures terminal and picked up at Arrivals on reaching the destination airport.


Those on stretchers require the ambulance to draw alongside the aircraft and this requires special permissions. Similarly, permission will be required at the arrival airport.


Goldfinch will make all necessary arrangements in order to ensure a seamless journey from start to finish.

Overseas Ambulances

Ambulances overseas can be very different to those in the UK. Not only in shape and size, but also the quality of medical equipment inside.


The training and the care provided by the attendants may be completely unregulated.


It is crucial to use ambulance companies that are able to provide suitable care.


Goldfinch can ensure that when one is required, it will be of the best quality available at that location.


UK Ambulances

Road ambulances in the UK are now well regulated. By using accredited companies it is safe to assume that the vehicles will be well maintained and correctly insured.


The ambulance crew will be appropriately trained and the vehicles will carry medical equipment for most eventualities.


Wherever it may be, Goldfinch will ensure that only the best road ambulances are provided.